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The Company belongs to Enterprises having multifarious activities was incorporated in 1980. Where Aminorich Nutrients B.V. Someren, Netherlands was incorporated in 1987 and the start of Veterinary Business was in 1991.

In the year 2010 our biggest investment was completed This manufacturing facility is very modern and complies with highest European Union and world standards and works in accordance with all sanitary and veterinary laws. The facility has many large suitable production halls filled with high technology equipment, office space, guest rooms and utility rooms and has a system of heat recovery units.Our factory has a great ventilation system, effective danger detecting system and antistatic floors which guarantees that our preparations are produced and stored in optimal conditions and production process is safe and secure. We have strict cleanliness zones secured with airlocks in our production halls, same as in pharmaceutical production. This zones are monitored all the time which guarantees complete security of the feed additives and Pharmaceutical production process.

The production meets all GMP and HACCP standards and also our own internal strict production policy. Cleanliness and hygiene in our factory are the best guarantee of all our preparations sterility. All our employees are highly qualified and make all efforts to keep highest standards of production process.The production facility in Boerenkamplaan has its own laboratory. Health and wellbeing of animals, our customer’s satisfaction and great quality meat production, taste of meat products and better milk production in a Phytogenic way inspire us to constantly seek for new and even better and safer health solutions.

Here are held experiments and laboratory tests under watchful eyes of professors from the best universities in the country, here we control our products quality and make all the improvements. That’s the only reason we are producing non-synthetic and synthetic formulations and combinations with 100% solubility in water.
We presented our company and our products at many trade shows in Netherlands and all over the world.Currently we are one of the leading producers of Phytogenic feed additives as Phytogenic Methionine, Phytogenic Lysine, Phytogenic Choline with Biotin under the strict guidance of experts, AMINORICH produces Pharmaceutical products and supplements like veterinary feed supplements, animal feed supplements,poultry feed supplements,cattle feed supplements,horse feed supplements,swine feed supplements,pigeon feed supplements.

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