We are the major Leading House of quality animal care Products producers. “Aminorich” is the name that stands for a wide range of premium quality Pharmaceutical products for the poultry and livestock. We develop pharmaceuticals feed supplements, Phytogenic products, nutritional products and productivity promoting photogenic feed additives for poultry, swine, Cattle, Pet & Aqua and pigeons. We provide a wide range of products – Antibiotic, Antifungal, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Anthelmintic, Cardiovascular, Dermal and several other categories – across the nation.
Our products contains pharmaceutical ingredients ,Phytogenic supplements that are safe, non-toxic, non-residual and have no side effect and are Phytogenic immunostimulants , growth promoters, production optimizers thus act as a preventive / curative of many disorders and help develop full genetic potential of Livestock , Poultry , Cattle to grow & reproduce.

Today, we operate in 32 overseas destinations across Asia, Africa, South-East Asia and Gulf countries. We believe in doing reliable business with mutual respect for one another as well as for other cultures. We are located in Boerekamplaan 62 5712AG Someren, Netherlands. The quality of our products has been highly appreciated and accepted in foreign countries, because of their therapeutic significance. We are exporting our products Worldwide & have wonderful feedback from all the countries. Since its inception Aminorich aspires to be customer-centric and a leader in the world markets.
Committed towards a healthier & happier world, we strive to provide accessible & affordable healthcare. Ours manufacturing system is internationally standardized according to the guidelines of G.M.P and we have also been categorized as an "ISO 9001:2015 Company". We aspires to aid the community in leading a healthy life through two parallel objectives: formulating, developing and commercializing medicines, and delivering affordable and accessible medication that satisfies urgent medical needs.

The livestock industry in Netherland is highly regarded internationally, due in part to the special position it occupies in veterinary science. Farmers from all over the world benefit from this knowhow via “Aminorich”. We consider good quality for a fair price as a major Key Factor. Our business operation is based on sustain-ability, efficiency, and sharing our knowledge. Improve life, Share knowledge, work efficiently and Act sustainable.