Extra ordinary wounds healing spray with fly repellent action. Anti-Maggots, Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal spray

AMINODERM topical preparation is highly useful to support early recovery from wounds, protect from bacterial load and keeps animal skin free from risk of maggots, flies, ticks, eczema and dermatitis. ALPHADERM helps in providing soothing effect to skin and keep it moist.


  • Herbal topical preparation
  • Provide soothing and moist effect to skin
  • Provide protection from maggots & flies infestation
  • Provide rapid wound healing environment


Clean the affected part with antiseptic solution and then
spray/apply the AMINODERM gently. The process is
repeated till the affected part is healed.

SPRAY- 100ml, OINTMENT- 50gm

Store below 30° C
Store in a cool & dry place and protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human use/ Medicinal use