Aminomint herbs

Eucalyptus Oil Based Herbal Respiratory Tonic

Aminomint herbs support healthy lungs and respiratory tract of target species. Aminomint is an eminent natural expectorant, natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-coughing activity which helps in liquefying thick and sticky mucous ease the breathing process and protect from pain and inflammation in respiratory tract.


Support ease in respiration.

Keep respiratory system free from mucus.

Promote mucus dilution.

Reduces risk of stress, inflammation and pain.

Facilitates easy breathing with optimum uptake of oxygen.

Maintain respiratory system during the changing weather.


To overcome post vaccination reaction start application 2 days after vaccination .i.e 3rd days considering vaccination day as 1st day.

To cure respiratory problem start administration immediately .


In treatment
(through drinking water)
:1ml/4litrs of drinking water for 8-12 hrs Immediately the first symptons
seen and continue for 3-5 days
In preventing during vaccination
(through drinking water)
:1ml/4litrs of drinking water for 8-12 hrs 48 hrs post vaccination for 3days
In Broiler
through drinking water
:1ml/4litrs of drinking water for 8-12 hrs At day 8,9,10; day 18,19,20 & day 28,29,30
In Layer & Breeder
through drinking water
:1ml/4litrs of drinking water for 8-12 hrs Every alternate week for 3 days
Supportive theraphy
through aerosol routes
:100 ml/5 liters of water for 10,000 birds. Immediately the first symptoms seen and continue for 3-5 days.

PRESENTATION: 500 ml & 1 ltr.

Store below 30° C
Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children

Not for human use/Medicinal use