Powerful Toxin Binder with liver protecting herbs

Aminotox is unique combination of buffered organic acids, MOS, BHA and activated charcoal. HSCAS aid as toxin binder, keeps feed free from toxins and safe. Molds and contaminated feed can lead to reduced immunity, performance and stressful condition. Dietary intake of Aminotox strengthens intestinal system and it's functioning, shows excellent detoxification of various toxicities and efficiently supports optimal growth and performance.


Better feed intake

Good immune system

Better nutrient absorption and metabolism

For better organ and tissue

Better abortion and performance

Reduce mortality

Eliminates Toxins

Bind the toxins & inhabit moulds



Poultry                                  : Mix 500 gm-1 kg per MT of feed.
Swine                                    : 1 Kg per mt of feed


Broilers & Layer              : 10 ml/100 birds
Breeder                                : 15-20 ml/100 birds
or as directed by veterinary consultant.


Powder: 1 Kg. pack & 25 Kg double liner paper bag

Liquid : 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr, & 25 Ltr

Store below 30° C

Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children

Not for human use/Medicinal use