Liver Stimulant & Liver Booster Tonic

AMUNOLIV NATURAL herbal composition prepares to support the crucial functioning of the liver in a good condition. Amunoliv Natural supports the activity such as Hepatostimulant, Hepatogenerative & Hepatoprotective that helps in boost up the Liver and optimizes hepatic functions. It supports a profit margin for the health of target species as well as the farm productivity. It is a suitable feed grade also helps in improving appetite, feed utilization, and immune response, natural rejuvenate, and improves energy level, support healthy digestion and excretory activity, aid as diuretic and overall enhances growth production and performance


  • Better FCR
    Helps to maintain metabolism process.
    Reduces risk of toxins, inflammation and stress.
    Support proper feed utilization, digestion and Growth.
    Maintains immune response.
    Maintains peak performance.
    Maintains appetite and body weight.


  • Hepatotoxicity .
  • Diminish feed intake and appetite.
  • Impaired digestion and excretion.
  • Risk of microbial infections .
  • Stunted growth and productivity.

Camels: 40 ml daily
Cattle, Buffalo & Horse: 20-25 ml daily
Calf, Colt, Sheep, and Goat: 10-15 ml daily
or as directed by the veterinary consultant.

Liquid: 500ml, 1 Liter& 5 Liter
Powder: 1 kg & 25 kg

Powder: 500 gm-1 kg ton of feed
Liquid: 1 Liter /1000 Liter of water

Store below 30° C
Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children, Shake well before use.
Not for human use/ Medicinal use