Herbal Formulation for Arthritis, Gout, Joint Degeneration & Rheumatism

Arthrorich is blend of herbal ingredients helps in improving mobility and provides comfort in movement and protect joint areas and bone degeneration. Dietary supplement Arthrorich support proper growth and development of bones, enhances capacity and flexibility of cartilage and ligaments, reduces wound healing time, promotes blood cleansing and provide strength to growing bones.


Helps in relieving from pain soreness & inflammation.

Protect from fever & discomfort.

Enhances decalcification of calcified cartilage.

Reduces risk of Arthritis, Gout and bone degeneration.

Helps in bone strengthening and proper growth.

Aid in lactating cows.


Poultry: Mix 1 ltr in 1000 ltr of drinking water
Acute Condition: Mix 2 ltr in 1000 ltr of drinking water


Poultry : 1 Kg. mixed in each MT of Prepared Feed
or as directed by veterinary consultant.


Powder: 1 Kg & 25 Kg pack
Liquid : 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr & 30 Ltr

Store below 30° C
Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children
Not for human use/Medicinal use