Natural Highly Bio-available herbal replacement to synthetic Choline Chloride & Biotin

Cholinorich is a blend of herbal Choline and biotin that helps in maintaining liver function, promote adequate protein synthesis and its optimum utilization. Cholinorich helps in scavenging oxygen free radicals, promotes regeneration of damage tissues and cells, protect from stress condition, maintain fertility and improve immunity. In poultry, it enhances egg production, improve egg quality and hatchability, protect from feather loss and early mortality.


Improve growth & performance.

Maintain body weight.

Reduces risk of liver disorders.

Enhances protein utilization.

Enhances feed utilization & Feed Conversion Ratio Do not deteriorate other vitamins Non-hygroscopic, Non-Corrosive Heat stable.

Available choline in phosphatidyl form.

No bad odor.

Non oxidative.

Just half dose.


500 gm can replace 1 kg of synthetic choline chloride & 150mg of Biotin.

Each 100 gm. Powder contains 20 gms
Ocimum sanctum
Andrographis paniculata 35 gms
Silybum marianum 10 gms
Glycine max 15 gms
Azadirachta indica 20 gms


Powder: 25 Kg. of Pack

Store below 30° C
Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children
Not for human use/Medicinal use