Ganorich is a unique herbal preparation that acts as natural growth promoter to maintain normal GIT functions and boost immunity against Diarrhoea & Coccidiosis


For better weight gain and FCR
(Broiler and Layer)
:1ml/3liters for 8-12 hrs 2 days every week
For optimum feed intake & better weight gain
(Layer & Breeder)
:1ml/3litres for 8-12 hrs 2 days every week during brooding & growing period
For prevention of Nectronic Enteritis (N E) & Coccidiosis (Broiler) :1ml/3litres for 8-12 hrs for 5 days in 2nd & 4th week
For treatment of Nectronic Enteritis (Broiler , Breeder & Layer) :1ml/3litres for 24 hrs for 5 days
For prevention of Nectronic Enteritis & coccidiosis(Broiler) :1ml/3liters for 8-12 hrs 2-3 days every week
Layer: For better gut health 150-300g/ton of feed regularely
Breeder: For better gut health :300-500g/ton of feed regularly
For control of gangrenous dermatitis :400-500gm/ton of feed regularly



Liquid                    :500 ml, 1ltr & 5 ltr

Powder                  : 1 kg & 25 kg

Store below 30° C

Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children
Not for human use/Medicinal use