Natural replacement of l-Lysine upto 50%

LYSIORICH is herbal blend of organic product for natural l-Lysine supplement along with other growth promoting herbs. It acts as liver protein donor, highly bioavailable and support liver functioning. LYSIORICH ensures 50% replacement of l-lysine with itself if used 1kg per ton of feed. It promotes proper growth, support conversion of fatty acids into energy, helping to lower cholesterol, enhance calcium absorption, and maintain strength of bones and connective tissues.


Improves metabolism & feed utilization ratio and results in better feed conversion, growth and productivity.

Enhance effective weight gain & better quality of egg in Layers.

Enhance Body resistance & Immunity.

Helpful in optimum cell synthesis hence it provides basic building blocks for newer cells.

Healthy digestion, energy production & detoxification.

Improve liver function.


1 Kg Pack and 25 Kg Pack


If l-lysine is used 1 Kg MT of feed, then in the case of LYSIORICH 500gms of l-lysine and 500 gms of LYSIORICH is recommended or as directed by veterinary consultant

Store below 30° C

Store in a cool & dry place & protect from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children
Not for human use/Medicinal use