RETINALOG is biological natural substitute of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, and several Provitamin A carotenoids (most notably beta-carotene). Taking this into consideration RETINALOG is developed from natural sources by separating the organic compounds and carotenoids.
RETINALOG has same efficacy as exhibited by Vitamin A in similar concentration whether used in ruminants or any other species such as poultry and Dairy. It can very easily replace Vitamin A in diet of different species. Along with this Vitamin A is one of the least stable vitamins and is highly labile to light and oxidation but RETINALOG is free from these effects and is very stable and can be used in any feed with very high conditioning temperature.

The Benefits of RETINALOG are as below

  1. Promote vision due to increase of rhodopsin formation in the retina;
  2. Eliminate defects in bone growth and maturation;
  3. Eliminate reproductive failure such as failure of spermatogenesis in the male, and fetal resumption in the female
  4. Eliminate defects in growth and differentiation of epithelial tissues

Overall RETINALOG is very effective, economical and natural substitute of Vitamin A and exhibit almost all function as it is done by Vitamin A itself. Various Trails done with it have proved its efficacy and potential.

PACKAGING: 1 Kg, 5 Kg and 25 Kg
500 GM per MT of FEED or as recommended by the Animal Nutritionist
1 KG of RETINALOG can very effectively replace 1 KG of SYNTHETIC Vitamin A